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Written by Scott & Julie Morgan on Sep. 9, 2012
Hi Yvonne, this is awesome. You've an incredible job. Erin is an incredible young lady and it's an honour to to know her and spend time around her at school. You have a incredible family that has accomplished so much.
Erin is an inspiration and a conduit to be accepting and loving.
My wife and I look forward to reading more as time goes by.
Written by Linda Dietrich on Sep. 8, 2012
I had the good fortune to meet Erin at the Paris Fair. She draws you to her, she has such a gentle spirit and I felt privileged to have met her. I was particularly touched when she gave me a hug when she left. I love your blog and look forward to reading more!
Written by Courtney Kay on Sep. 8, 2012
Yvonne, this is such a touching tribute to Erin and your family. Brent and I have been truly blessed to have the "Schunks" in our lives. I see only good things coming of this and am so excited to begin sharing this blog with the many lives I have had the pleasure of introducing our munchkin too :) xoxo
Written by Christine Kalis on Sep. 8, 2012
Again Yvonne you have done a great job,the family page is just wonderful to read. You and Jim have done an amazing job with your gang,we enjoying spending time with all of them so much. Thanks for sharing.
Written by Jamie DePauw-Hamilton on Sep. 8, 2012
This looks so good Yvonne! Such a great idea too. :) Can't believe how far Erin has come already, so lucky to have you's as a home away from home! Love you all!

I've uploaded a picture of all us kids the first time we went to Tennessee together, I believe it was new years 2007-08.
Written by Alayne Burge on Sep. 8, 2012
Love it!!! You have inspired me to try to do the same. What a proud momm! YOU HAVE SUCH A BEAUTIFUL FAMILY! I see a lot of the same great qualities in my own children when it comes to protecting their brother. Great Job!
Written by Jordan Schunk on Sep. 8, 2012
Everything looks really good mom! So excited about this blog, it was a great idea. (Thanks Christine!)
I'm really excited to see what comes of this great idea!

I love you, and our family. Thanks so much for guiding me and making me who I am.

Jordan xoxo
Written by Christine on Sep. 7, 2012
Oh Yvonne, I look forward to reading more. You Erin and your entire family has made me a better person. Thanks for sharing.