The Older Three

Anthony, Jordan and Lauren getting ready for a haloween party (2011)

Well, as I said in the beginning of this blog, we have 4 children, Erin being the youngest.  I have to add this section on Erin's brother and sisters.  They have worked along side my husband and I helping with whatever needed to be done.  They are by no means perfect, but then neither am I.  I am very proud of them.  They have grown into wonderful young adults. They saw things happen to their sister that wasn't always easy.  They love her with all their hearts.  When they were younger and starting to bring friends (strangers) to our house, we quickly learned which ones would be good friends, based on how they treated Erin and their demeanor around her.  But, we never had to say anything, they were (and still are) very protective of their little sister.  They have some amazing friends, who all love Erin, and she loves seeing them.

The older three


In 1990, Anthony was born.  As soon as he could walk he was following daddy.  He was no longer mommy's boy.  He just always wanted to be around any kind of motor or tool, with daddy on a tractor, or in the shop fixing something.  And whenever possible he needed to be outside. When he was 5 or 6 he completly tore apart his bicycle and rebuilt it.  When we asked why did you do that, he just said to make it better!  He once asked gramma (Jim's mom) secretly to buy him new rubber boots. To this day we dont know why it had to be done secretly, but gramma did it for him.  In the summertime, he would be found outside, with those rubberboots on and a pair of shorts.  That's all he wanted.  He would play in the mud, and ride his bike back to the pond and catch frogs and fish and find more mud.  If you don't have a farm background, you might find this next statement crazy, but this happens a lot out on the farm.  By 5 or 6 years old he could drive a pick up truck really well, of course only on the farm, not on the road.  He had such a hard time on his first day of school, because he really would rather be out exploring than stuck in a classroom.

Anthony loved his opa (my dad).  They would spend lots of time playing and talking, especially about the animals and all the birds.  My dad loved animals and birds, and Anthony was like a sponge taking it all in.  Sadly, my dad passed away when Anthony was about 10 years old.  We all miss him, but I know Anthony really misses his opa.

As he got older, he became a really good welder, and fabricator, and became a very valuable help to his dad.  He can really fix anything. He can drive any tractor with any implement.  He is good at knowing what to do in different soil conditions, and good at growing pretty much anything.  He has always loved motorbikes.  He has had a mini bike, and a three wheeler, a dirtbike and a quad.  He always worked hard and saved every penny, and then purchased his first minibike, trading it in later for another.  He still has his quad, and if he has a spare moment, he's off riding through the trails.   

In high school he was great asset to the football team, and his team won county championships when he was in grade 11 and 12.  He also made the local all-star team.  He played offensive tackle and special teams.  He helped coach the junior team as well, something the coaches ask a handful of senior players to do each year.  We loved watching the games, and really miss watching him play!  In April of this year, he graduated from college with a diploma in horticulture, and he is finishing up his second season working for our neighbor, a potato farmer.  He loves working there and looks forward to one day having his own farm.  He has been seeing a wonderful young lady since grade 12 (3 years now).  Well, that story will have to be continued...

Anthony at 6 weeks old
Anthony about 4 years old
Anthony's 6th Birthday with opa
High School Graduation - 18 years old


Jordan came 16 months after Anthony. She was a beautiful, very content baby girl. She is the complete opposite of Anthony. Fun for Jordan was playing librarian with her dolls. She loved to read. When she was about 8 years old, Gramma gave her a bunch of Nancy Drew books, and for a few years on birthdays and christmas she would give Jordan a few more until the set was complete. Jordan still has this set.

Jordan slept thru her first night home from the hospital. That's how content she was! Ofcourse, when I woke in the morning, I thought wow what a great husband, he did the night feedings for me. But when I kissed him good morning and said thankyou for taking care of Jordan, he said what are you talking about? I made him go check on her, as I was too scared to look! She was fine - sleeping and so content.

She loved to be doing what I was doing. She always was helping me. She had a lot of responsibilties being the oldest girl, and did everything to her best ability. She told me a couple weeks ago when I was getting the blog started about Erin, that she remembers me being quite angry at her and Anthony and Lauren one day. The older three were playing in the kitchen at the table. As usual, Erin had to be in the action, so she had climbed up on a chair to get closer to them. She had one of her drop seizures, and fell off the chair flat on her back, and immediatly started crying. I quickly picked Erin up and consolled her, and got angry at the older three, thinking they had maybe bumped her and weren't watching out for their little sister. (We didn't realize yet that Erin was having seizures, this was the time when she would just fall unexpectedly). Jordan was really hurt at the time, that I would think she wasn't looking out for her sister. Ofcourse, I felt really bad, because I dont even remember being upset with them, but I do remember Erin falling off that chair.

When Jordan was about 8 years old she started singing lessons. She continued on with that for 2 - 3 years, but then with her asthma, and everything going on with Erin, she stopped. She was really good, and sang publically a few times. It was fun watching her sing.

Jordan just graduated this spring with a diploma in food and beverage management, and has returned to college for 1 more year to get her diploma in Concierge. She is a beautiful young lady and has a bright future ahead of her.

Jordan at 6 weeks old
Jordan about 2 years old
Jordan's 5th Birthday
Jordan's high school graduation photo - about 18 years old
Jordan's prom - with Lauren (2010)


Lauren came 1 month before her due date, 28 months after Jordan. It was a scary day, knowing the baby was coming early, but she was fine, not even breathing issues. Her lungs were good. She just hadn't put on the "baby fat" full term babies have. She was a beautiful little girl with strawberry blonde hair. Both Anthony and Jordan loved to hold her when she was a baby. They would fight over who's turn it was! Actually they fought over Lauren even as they got older. Anthony wanted Lauren to play with him outside (because Jordan wouldn't) and Jordan wanted Lauren to play inside. Lauren was quite content at doing both, so they eventually were all happy at taking turns. Lauren loved to play house with Jordan and her dolls inside, and then she would bake mudpies for Anthony outside in the sandbox.

Lauren had colic really bad for about her first month. I had tried everything, but nothing seemed to be working. Finally a friend suggested I take her to the chiropractor. I had nothing to lose and thought I might as well try. I will never forget that trip. It was about a half hour drive to the chiropractor's office. Lauren cried all the way there. That "I'm in pain cry" that babies with colic do so well. Whatever he did, it worked! The ride home was so peaceful, and that night I actually got to sleep. She never had colic again.

Lauren shared a room with Erin for many years. She has always been a super big sister for Erin. When Erin finally started to talk, it wasn't always understandable. Lauren became Erin's translator. To this day if Erin is trying to tell one of us something and we are having a hard time understanding - Lauren fills us in on what she is saying.

Lauren is athletic. She was on the cheerleading team in junior and high school. She loves to run and even now, she will just go for a run after dinner. I used to go and watch the cheer competitions. It was always a rush watching those girls hit the routine! Erin was ussually with me, and of course loved the music and quickly became the teams' cheerleader!

Lauren graduated from high school this spring and just started at college to get her certificate in dental assisting. She plans to go back for her certificate in dental hygiene once assisting is complete. Go get them Lauren!

Lauren at 6 weeks old
Lauren at 2 years old
Lauren at 5 years
Lauren's graduation photo - 18 years old
Lauren's Prom - with Oma (my mom) 2012